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Dr. Jiyon Kim & Dr. Sang Kim

Dr. Mary E. Sebek recently retired and Seattle area dentists Jiyon and Sang Kim DDS have taken over for her. Dr. Sebek sent this letter to all her patients, read it here:

“Dear Patients,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and confidence in permitting me to take care of your dental needs through the years. it is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from the practice of dentistry. Because I want to be certain that my patients continue to receive the best possible care, I have carefully evaluated a number of candidates who were interested in assuming my practice. I am delighted to have selected Drs. Jiyon and Sang Kim, a husband-wife dental team, whom I believe possess excellent qualifications and are well-skilled in all phases of dentistry. Drs Jiyon and Sang Kim have a successful dental practice in Renton and have practiced there since 2003. Both are graduates of Indiana University School of Dentistry ; Sang in 2002 and Jiyon in 2003. They are committed to excellence in their practice of dentistry and strive to provide a kind and caring environment where your individual dental needs can be comfortably met. They are motivated to stay abreast of the new and ever changing technologies within dentistry.

They have been married for 17 years and enjoy working together. I have had the opportunity to meet their daughter Chloe who is an engaging 5 year old and keeps them busy with her many activities. They have a passion for travel and have shared that enthusiasm with Chloe.

I feel confident that Sang and Jiyon will continue to provide you and your family with the best dental care possible. I am happy to say that Ali will be assisting them in the transition and will be able to help you schedule your future dental visits and current dental needs. Thank you again for your loyalty and confidence. I will miss you all.

My very best wishes,

Mary E. Sebek, D.D.S.


Area of interest in dentistry


What is bioesthetic dentistry?  Is it yet another word for cosmetic dentistry?  No, but the results are beautiful.  It was coined over 20 years ago by Dr. Robert Lee; a biologist, gnathologist and dentist.  It is a science of gnathology that holds that the form or shape of our teeth was constructed with a purpose and that this form dictates the function, beauty and comfort of your mouth and its related structures.  If the form is present (has not been damaged or replaced with a flat filing) and there is harmony between the function of a healthy joint (TMJ), the facial musculature and the teeth, these teeth will last a lifetime.  Traditionally, dentists have been trained to treat teeth one at a time and then only under adverse circumstances such as fracture, decay , or deformation.  It is time that we as dentists stop to question the reasons for wear, fracture, recession, abfraction, malocclusion and other dental disease. There are reasons for these problems and it is best that we discover the source of the problem before we put a crown on the tooth shaped the same as the one that broke!  We need a paradigm shift.  

The jaw joints, the facial muscular complex and the teeth are a system that must work in harmony (this is the study of gnathology.)  It seems so simple and yet it is difficult to return a system that has begun to  collapse to a stable and harmonious one.  The beauty of the discipline is that we are able, with an understanding of occlusion( how teeth fit together in relation to their joints) and the information from an in depth comprehensive diagnosis, to intercept and reverse this destruction and provide our clients with oral health, comfort and natural beauty for a lifetime. This is the type of dentistry we offer and it doesn't get any better than this!

If you have problems with any of the following:

  • severely worn teeth
  • broken molars
  • chipping of worn front teeth
  • facial muscle fatigue
  • sore neck muscles
  • joint tenderness
  • multiple abfractions (grooves along the gumline) and/or clenching

We may be able to help you. We will offer a comprehensive exam and, if you wish, an occlusal evaluation consisting of stone models of your teeth accurately mounted on a simulator which mimics normal function.  With this we are able to study the movement of your jaw without muscle interference and with minimal patterning.  We are able to study your occlusal patterns and determine often why you are wearing and damaging your teeth.  At this point we have several alternatives which may include replacing the lost tooth structure with the latest dental restorative materials.

We rarely hear about the individuals who enter their 70's and 80's with minimal wear on their teeth.  Most aging information we read tells us that wear is normal and an acceptable part of aging.  Why is it normal for the strongest substance in our bodies (tooth enamel) to wear away when it is considered a disease for us to lose 10-20% of our bone mass?  Guess what?  Not everybody out there has worn teeth at the age of 45 or even 65.  Nor should they.  Those individuals about whom we refer to as being physically younger than their years rarely have worn teeth and as a result their facial muscles are not sagging or collapsed.  They have what we refer to as a stable and healthy vertical dimension.  They are vibrant and youthful individuals whose appearance exudes good health.